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For Sale

When we are not building websites for other people we build quality, original content websites which are then sold on to new owners. We also hold a number of domain names for future websites.

Why do people buy websites?

Some people buy websites because they would like to add more content to them and see them as a hobby. Other people buy websites to monetize or to build up and sell on. We enjoy making websites and are happy to sell them on to new owners.

Why do people buy domain names?

If a desired domain name is already registered to someone else then it is often bought from the previous owner.

Listed below are all the domains that we hold and websites that have been built with their current selling price. As more content is added to the sites and visitor numbers increase so those sites will increase in price.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the domains or sites please contact us.


Where price is under £100 we accept PayPal, Escrow or Bank Transfer, where price is more than £100 we accept Escrow or Bank Transfer.


Tiffany Macbeth - This website was first constructed in March 2013 but has been a bit neglected. It is intended to be built into a children's educational site with information on all school subjects. Currently attracts 200 visitors per month but this could be increased with more content. - Current price £250

Understanding Wars - This site was originally created in 2013 but was moved to WordPress last year. It has been somewhat neglected and would benefit from a lot of new content. It currently attracts around 100 visitors per month. This would increase with more content. - Current Price - £150


about1066.com - £120

britishtrivia.com - £60

crosswordcrazy.com - £80

englishlettersounds.com - £40

extremeglobe.com - £100

idiotproofenglish.com - £30

marvellousmaths.com - £100

monarchyhistory.com - £100